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The 4th International Symposium on Autonomous Unmanned Systems was successfully held (ISAS 2020)

The 4th International Symposium on Autonomous Systems, 2020 ISAS was successfully held in Guangzhou from December 6th to 8th, 2020. The conference was hosted by South China University of Technology and Chongqing University, and hosted by the School of Automation Science and Engineering, the Key Laboratory of Autonomous Systems and Network Control of the Ministry of Education, and the Guangdong Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System Engineering Technology Research Center. It was also hosted by the IEEE Computational Intelligence Association. , Shenzhen University, Wang Kuancheng Education Foundation, Texas State University at Arlington, Trusted Control System Subcommittee of the Chinese Society of Automation, Northeastern University State Key Laboratory of Process Industry Integrated Automation, and the journal "Control Theory and Application".

Professor Pei Hailong served as the chairman of the conference and presided over the opening ceremony of the conference. Vice President Zhu Min of South China University of Technology attended the conference and delivered a welcome speech. The conference is held in a combination of online and offline. The online conference is a public webcast conference, which broadens the way of participation to the greatest extent, attracting more than 100 peer experts, young scholars, teachers and students from the United States, Canada, China and other countries and regions. Participate with industry elites. Participants each introduced the latest research progress and achievements in the theory and application of autonomous systems.

The 4th International Symposium on Autonomous Unmanned Systems was successfully held (ISAS 2020)

Main members of the meeting

The all-English conference papers received at this conference and strictly reviewed by the program committee have been included in the proceedings, and the conference proceedings have been included in the IEEE conference publication process.

The current ISAS conference focuses on the theories and application fields of autonomous systems, mainly involving artificial intelligence, control, automation, robotics and autonomous systems and other fields. It will conduct enthusiastic discussions around international cutting-edge topics and research hotspots. This conference has 2 conference reports. Academician Chai Tianyou of Northeastern University and Professor Zhongping Jiang of New York University gave wonderful lectures; 6 special invited lectures, Professor Chunyi Su of Concordia University in Canada, Professor Guan Zhihong of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and Huang Deshuang of Tongji University Professors, Professor Li Jianqiang of Shenzhen University, Professor Pei Hailong of South China University of Technology, Professor Yang Chenguang, Professor Zhang Zhijun, etc. respectively made special invitation reports for the conference. The content of the reports involved intelligent control and robotics related fields; the conference also set up 8 sub-venues, respectively Group discussions centered on international research hotspots such as robot autonomous learning, machine vision and image processing, intelligent detection systems, motion control and planning and design, artificial intelligence, optimized control and applications, and the actual research work of the participants, attracting many young teachers and students to pass the line Observe and ask questions online and offline.

The 4th International Symposium on Autonomous Unmanned Systems was successfully held (ISAS 2020)

Academician Chai Tianyou delivered a report

The 4th International Symposium on Autonomous Unmanned Systems was successfully held (ISAS 2020)

Professor Zhongping Jiang gave a conference report online

This conference conducted in-depth discussions on the latest international scientific research results, cutting-edge hotspots, and national key R&D needs of independent control systems. Scholars at home and abroad gathered in the cloud, colliding ideas in exchanges, inspiring learning through interaction, and sharing academic feasts. Explaining and commenting on cutting-edge theories and technical issues, sharing experience, viewpoints and forward-looking ideas, provides a good opportunity for improving academic standards and promoting the development of disciplines, and enhances the mutual communication between domestic and foreign universities.

In the future, the conference will continue to focus on the core theme and invite more famous experts and young scholars, industry leaders and elites to participate in the seminar. The interactive content will be more oriented to the country's major scientific and technological needs and the actual needs of society, and will be for the development of disciplines and the progress of national science and technology. Create a broader communication platform.